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Why Installing Solar Is A Good Idea During Coronavirus

While the world is on hold for the Coronavirus, electricity is being used. Residential electricity bills have increased. With most people working from home and schools closed, people are keeping the lights on, doing video chats, watching Netflix, and cooking from home. This all adds up to more electricity usage and higher bills at home.

Lower monthly expenses

22 million Americans have filed unemployment claims in the last month. Folks are looking at ways to lower monthly expenses in these times. Making the change to solar can lower monthly energy costs by more than $100 per month, and requires no up-front costs to install. What would you use an extra $100 for?

Lock-down is temporary, Rate hikes are forever

There will be an end to this. However, PG&E rates will continue to increase year over year. By switching to solar, you are locking into a lower payment for power that will not increase. While it will save you money the first month, imagine how much electricity rates will increase over the next 10 years. You will still be paying the same low monthly payment for your solar install.

Qualify for credit now with previous income

The sad reality is many people will be losing jobs or making less money than they were before the Coronavirus hit. Now is the time to do credit checks and get financing approved for your solar install. While most purchases at this time seem foolish, solar is an investment that will save you money instantly and continually. The only thing to consider is if you want to save money on your energy forever.

Still Have Questions? We’re Here to Help!

We are here to help. Solar can feel like a daunting task. The more you research, the more confusing it becomes. Contact us for a free over-the-phone solar consultation. We are the experts and can tell you if your home is a good fit for solar, batteries, and/or a whole home generator.