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How To Compare Multiple Solar Bids SIG Placerville

How To Compare Multiple Solar Bids

So you are finally ready to pull the trigger on solar. You have done your due diligence, and gathered quotes from different solar installers. That is great.

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Top 5 Concerns When Going Solar In El Dorado County

Some homes and properties are covered in trees. It is true, shade is the enemy of solar. However, with fire concerns and bark beetle tree damage, most properties are being cleaned up with defensible space.

Can I really get free solar?

Can I Really Get FREE Solar?

Everyone has seen the ads online or on Facebook. They usually say something along the lines of “The government will put solar on your house for FREE!” This definitely grabs one’s attention, and may even entice you to click on the ad.

Top Reasons To Go Solar In California

Top Reasons To Go Solar in California

Solar is all the rage right now in California, and for good reason. California has 270 days of sunshine on average per year. It is also at a great solar azimuth angle (google it) to take advantage of all the sunny days.